Established in 2005, Marton Technologies, Inc. (Marton) is a seasoned organization that provides customer-focused collaborative solutions to customers within its core competencies of Force Development, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health, Logistics and Transportation, and Instructor and Training Support Services.

Marton's senior leadership combines years of experience, advanced education, and professional certifications to build a company dedicated to partnering with our customers to develop high-quality, cost-effective solutions. We use a flat management organizational structure supported by managers with the knowledge, skills, and authority to ensure our products and services meet the customer's performance requirements and most importantly, their expectations. It is our personal experience in mission-driven, resource constrained organizations that established the foundation for which intrinsic, key company traits make Marton uniquely qualified to support our customer base. Success is completing the mission and we will work towards finding solutions that are beneficial to our customers.

It is this understanding of our customer base and their mission which facilitates our customers to view us as partners and not just service providers.

Collaborative Partners Providing Innovative Solutions.Our superior skill sets and services are utilized by numerous government agencies and departments.

Some of our Capabilities

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Air Force
Department of State
Marine Corps